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Over 20 years of experience in the areas of Business, Transformation and

tridot consulting
has many faces.

Andrea Kahlenberg

Shareholder and Managing Director

Andrea has been active in the area of “systemic change and leadership” for more than 20 years. She is a trained business coach, business mediator and systemic consultant with a focus on team and organizational development. In addition, she is trained in displaying business constellations and certified Scrum Master.

Before she founded tridot consulting, she holds several leadership positions in corporate organization and mid-size companies. Her focus is on sustainable transformation and cultural diagnostic. Integration and function of business strategy, personnel structures and decision-making processes in companies are at the core of her analysis. She advises which conflicts need to be resolved or which formal structures lead to successfully change. Breaking systemic dysfunctional patterns are her field of expertise when she designs impactful interventions.

Andrea is married, has a teenage daughter, lives in Berlin and tries to spend as much time as possible in the mountains each year.

Julia Klotz

Shareholder and Managing Director

Julia has been working in the field of Systemic Change and Leadership for more than 16 years. She is a certified Business Coach and a trained Systemic Consultant with a focus on Leadership and Organisation Development and Cultural Transformation.

Before founding tridot consulting, she held management positions at international corporations and global consultancy firms. Her focus is on enabling sustainable transformation by applying thorough diagnostics to enhance decision-making processes. Based on her data-driven findings, Julia devises intervention strategies to support leadership teams, thereby helping them to improve their performance in a sustainable manner, and enabling them to better transform their businesses.

She is married, lives in Munich and spends most leisure hours with her four year old daughter.

Nina Böcker

Change Consultant

works as change consultant and is an integral part of tridot consulting.

She is passionate about change in the context of organisational structure and cultural development, always putting people first. Her ambition to implement transformation sustainably motivates her to find a holistic solution co-created with the client.

Nina has experience as a change expert in the energy sector, where she accompanied an international M&A process focusing on culture and the development of the management team, was responsible for the group-wide employee survey and worked in team development.

Nina lives in Marl and spends her free time doing crossfit, spending a lot of time in nature and exploring new countries.

The Network-Team

The network team’s foundation are trusting partnerships and experience from past collaborations. We are companions that share goals and attitudes. Our way of working is based on a systemic attitude and qualified training. Our circle is a constant source of inspiration and new impulses. Innovative, authentic, sustainable, trusting. We are all experienced business leaders and know corporations or medium-sized companies from personal operational experience.

Oliver Riedel

Consultant and Interim Manager

Oliver is a consulting professional with 25+ years of experience in the consulting industry focusing on energy-related topics. From his tenure as a partner of an in-house consultancy of a Utility Group he has deep insights into the conflicts between strategies and vision with implementation and organizational (over-)stretches. He beliefs in the obligation to dissent and to challenge established structures to instigate change. Oliver has consulted in many European as well as North American markets from energy topics to digital transformation.

Petra Pflugfelder

Consultant, Trainer & Coach

Petra is convinced that true change and development needs an experience that adresses and reaches the person as a whole and with all senses. Her mission is to bring more playfulness, emotions and embodiment into our working environments and organizations.
With her expertise and experience in Learning Experience Design, she designs learning and development processes that aim to have a lasting impact. She accompanies executives and teams as a coach, trainer and learning supporter. In doing so, she draws on 20 years of experience as a consultant as well as an executive in corporates and medium-sized companies.
Her clients appreciate her pragmatism, her clarity and results orientation, and the dashes of humor she likes to sprinkle in.
Petra is married, has 2 daughters and lives in Berlin. In addition to her work as a consultant, she is a Grinberg practitioner.
Fabian Biebl

Fabian Biebl

Consultant & Coach

Fabian Biebl is an experienced coach, business empath, organizational developer, agilist and management consultant. His themes of expertise are leadership, change, digitization and agile product development. He is passionate about how consulting and coaching of organizations can become more effective by avoiding actionism.

Brigitte Pajonk

Trainer & Coach

Brigitte Pajonk is a highly qualified experienced trainer and coach. She builds her concepts on an infinite wealth of knowledge from neuroscience, mindfulness research and systemic approaches. Her passion is to support and empower individuals and teams as coach and trainer, and above all to remain mentally healthy and productive.

Matthias Lutze

Agile Trainer & Coach

Matthias Lutze is a veteran trainer & coach for agile organisational development. With great passion, he accompanies teams that are in the process of transformation. He not only trains agile methodologies and concepts, but also accompanies and supports them during implementation. Here he builds on experiences from numerous projects in international corporations and medium-sized companies, as well as areas from the public sector.
Ellen Wagner

Ellen Wagner

Consultant & Coach

Ellen Wagner is an experienced intercultural trainer, author and coach. One of her main focuses is Diversity & Inclusion, with a special emphasis on racism and queerphobia. The anti-discrimination expert currently living in the USA trains, educates and empowers people and businesses to understand diversity and live true inclusion. Another focus is the transatlantic support of expatriates during the assignment process through intercultural training, empowerment workshops and coaching.

Andre Richter

Consultant & Project Manager

Andre has a strong track-record in the energy/ utility sector. His key competences cover a wide scope from strategy to organizational development or market entry. His analytical thinking, creativity and solution-based management style allow him to solve critical business challenges, develop new opportunities and successfully implement solutions. His footprint includes projects in Germany, the US, the UAE, the Netherlands and the UK. He has ample experience of leading and developing people.

Ulrich Merkes

Consultant, Coach & Trainer

Ulrich has more than 20 years of experience in strategy and organizational consulting for organizations of all sizes, especially upper mid-sized companies as well as large international and family-owned companies. His focus is on the development of implementation-oriented strategies and the necessary organizational structures. He translates the resulting change requirements calmly and with experience into organizational development, management/team development and transformation processes. In doing so, he is characterized not only by clever, deep-analytical thinking, but also by an approachable, touchable manner of dealing with people.
In addition to his consulting activities, Ulrich works as an advisor and coach to managers in challenging change and decision-making situations. Furthermore, Ulrich is co-director of the organizational consulting training area and part of the coaching teaching team at the Hephaistos Coaching Institute, Munich. There he lives his fascination for systems theory, organizational and leadership psychology, and group dynamics. Ulrich lives in Darmstadt and is the father of an adorable, lively daughter.

Pedro Leao

Consultant & Interim Manager

Pedro Leao is a successful entrepreneur and lean consultant. Pedro is the expert in process optimisation and productivity increase. Here he builds on his many years of experience from the automotive industry, as plant manager in Australia and through numerous international management positions. Today his customers come from shipping, tourism and power plant construction.

Anja Leao

Consultant & Coach, Mediator

Anja Leao is an accomplished coach, team developer and author. She coaches with passion and builds her concepts also drawing on her experience as a family therapist. Anja is an expert in innovative leadership development programmes.

Klaus Horn

Trainer & Coach

Dr. Klaus Horn has been a trainer and coach for many years as well as an author of various textbooks on systemic organisation. His rich knowledge comes from his work with numerous teams from international corporations and medium-sized companies. In particular, his great knowledge of Asian work culture through his regular work in China enriches every transformation process. Klaus Horn coaches companies, teams and individuals in transformation processes and trains systemic constellations facilitators and coaches in Europe and Asia.

Alexander Kluge

Consultant & Coach

Alexander Kluge advises organizations adapting to a more and more complex business world. He sees himself as a travel companion, inspirer and translator at the interface of IT, organizational development and communication. For more than 25 years his core topics are the three big “C”: Communication, internal and external Collaboration as well as digital Coordination of business processes. Success factor and therefore focus of his work is to drive the effective adaption of new technologies as well of new ways of organization on all levels in accordance with the organizational goals. He publishes and speaks about new ways of working, digital and cultural transformation on a regular base. Based on his experience as an transformation expert he moreover published together with Sabine Kluge a widely read compilation of grassroot transformation activities in traditional organizations called: “Graswurzelinitiativen in Unternehmen” (Vahlen Verlag). In addition to their numerous publications in books and magazines on transformation, they run a highly regarded podcast named "Kluges aus der Mitte".

Sabine Kluge

Consultant & Coach

Sabine Kluge is an economist (focus: strategy and corporate management) and a systemic business coach. Being considered as one of the 40 leading HR minds in the German-speaking world (Personalmagazin 2019, 2020) she beliefs that entrepreneurial success has it’s roots in an continuous and intelligence balance of people- and business focus.
Based on her 25 Years of experience in people- and organizational development in different multinational industry companies with “Graswurzelinitiativen in Unternehmen” (Vahlen Verlag). she published 2020 together with Alexander Kluge a widely recognized compilation of grassroot transformation activities in traditional. In addition to their numerous publications in books and magazines on transformation they run a well regarded podcast called "Kluges aus der Mitte" focusing on mobilizing the powers in the middle of organizations.

Britta von Dobschütz

Consultant & Coach

Britta has been working in business for over 20 years, almost 15 of them in the field of "systemic change and leadership". She is a systemic consultant with a focus on team and organizational development as well as culture transformation, a trained business coach and a teacher for MBSR (Mindfulness-based-Stress Reduction).

Before becoming a self-employed consultant, she held a management position in an international organization and worked in large consulting firms. The focus of her work is on facilitating sustainable change processes. She emphasizes a thorough understanding of the patterns and dynamics that prevent the desired change in order to co-create effective interventions with her clients based on this understanding. In doing so, she remains calm even in acute situations, taking an intuitive, mindful and direct approach, eclectically drawing on her broad theoretical and practical background.

Britta is married, has two sons, lives in Munich and loves spending time outdoors in nature, with inner development, yoga and meditation.

Christine Stütz

Consultant & Coach

As systemic organizational consultant and coach, Christine develops ways to link the “What” in transformation processes with a meaningful “How”.
For organizations ranging from large corporations to startups and the public sector, she develops customer-oriented (learning) formats in order to effectively support change processes – often times towards more agility and self-organization. Her positive basic attitude and her empathetic demeanor help to use "friendly impositions" in a goal-oriented manner. She loves to work result-oriented on eye-level with her customers and supports big and small changes that lead to more courage, clarity, motivation, and joy in work for her customers.

Christine is married, lives in Berlin, loves fine arts and yoga, and enjoys spending time outdoors with her two girls.

Patricia Wand

Consultant & Coach

Patricia Wand is a seasoned change manager and project manager. Her expertise is founded on numerous leadership roles and as a consultant in international organisations. Her focus is organisational and leadership development and coaching of teams with a humanistic and systemic-integrative approach.

Arthur Wienhausen


Arthur Wienhausen is a junior consultant with a focus on process optimization. He has experience in the agile startup scene as well as insights in the software industry. Through his work in the product management, he brings a lot of know-how in the area of product development and lean management methods. In addition, he has experience as controller.

»When leaders are willing to prioritize trust over performance, performance almost always follows. However, when leaders have laser-focus on performance above all else, the culture inevitably suffers.«

Simon Sinek


Senior Coach and Member of Deutscher Bundesverband Coaching (DBVC)

Member of International Organization for Business Coaching (IOBC)


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