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The projects, a selection.

Always taylor-made,
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Project #1

Implementation of the transformation: from growth strategy to global change.

Company with 5,000 employees in 70 countries, 4 continents, 890 m€ turnover.


employees worldwide involved in face-to-face workshops


employees digitally involved in the development of the corporate purpose

The new growth strategy has been developed and many initiatives have been launched. Now the question is “How do we get all the strings together and the relevant topics on the street?”

In this project, it quickly became clear that the ambitions of the strategy went hand in hand with a change in leadership and cultural cooperation. With workshops and sprint formats, we identified dysfunctional patterns that prevented the strategy implementation. This analysis phase was part of the initial intervention for the desired cultural change. In this project, we constructively identified and reflected patterns. On four continents – together with the board, the top team, all managers, experts and HR. First behavioural changes were initiated. It turned out to be blatant: a formalized central unit connecting the different topics was lacking. This unit was established with full board support followed by a global leadership initiative and the integration of business projects with HR and cultural topics. The central unit worked intensively with sprint formats. In addition, a cross-functional network was initiated, acting globally.



The corporate image and purpose have been developed and are known throughout the company. Clear behavioural changes within the management team were generated. There is clarity about which levers have to be used to implement the transformation – in terms of structure, processes and organizational patterns. The basis is a common understanding within the board and the management team: about the culture’s current status and the needs of the employees. Further measures can be geared towards this.

Project #2

Merger within a company: Integration of two business units.

Global company with 40,000 employees, Europe, US, APAC, 8 bn€ turnover


employees involved

As part of a reorganization and realignment of an internationally operating business unit, two departments with each around 250 employees, were merged. Synergy effects were to be achieved and processes streamlined – unsustainable topics should be reduced, sustainable topics established. The new business area was prepared for upcoming topics, roles and responsibilities were changed, jobs cut. A new management team was founded, creating conflicts and uncertainties regarding the leadership role. Above all, it needed orientation, clarity and trust. We accompanied the change on the levels of me, team and organization. This was achieved through new workshop formats. The management team was empowered to lead the change constructively and sustainably. Face-to-face and digitally. In addition to individual coaching processes, holistic dynamics with effects on the strategic issues of the organization were considered.



Creation of a common understanding of leadership. We were able to create a language for change, reflect on how to deal with uncertainty and thus manifest sustainable business results. Motivated and powerful employees, successful networks, knowledge exchange. Trust is the basis of everything we do. New ideas for innovations could mature. The strategy was efficiently linked to behavioural changes.

Project #3

Digital Leadership: Implementation of a company-wide Leadership Bootcamp.

Company with 300,000 employees, active in Europe, 44 bn€ turnover


leaders involved


Peer Groups

Digitising the business and understanding market development in times of exponential growth are the biggest challenges.

Buzzwords and new methods such as: New Work, Agile, Digital Leadership, Design Thinking, Scrum, Lean Start-Up, create confusion and rejection. However, competence in all of these topics is needed in order to digitize your business, develop new products, assume responsibility as a leader and take decisions.

In an intensive boot camp, we were able to create experiences and convey the diversity of these topics with passion, competence and creativity. New technologies from the company were presented, and experiences were shared. Another network has emerged among the participants that still exists today. Dynamic and motivated.



Clarification and common understanding of the buzzwords. The managers are aware of the relevant topics and have successfully put the theory into practice. Sustainable impulses and networks were created. Initiatives for new innovative product developments have emerged.

to be continued

Client feedback

Rolf Martin Schmitz, CEO RWE AG

»Andrea and Julia showed me and convinced me how important the cultural transformation of a company is, namely a huge competitive advantage in the market.

We at RWE have benefited greatly from this, especially in the times of intense change that RWE has to cope with. The two were outstanding sparring partners in this process, honest, open, to the point, not comfortable, very persistent, and clear.

By sharing their great observations, they helped me a lot to recognize things that needed to be changed and helped me implementing them. And they introduced many methods to me: How to run meetings and discussions more efficient, how to better involve all participants, how to use feedback as a constant tool, how important it is the chose the right setting, what to consider putting teams together to increase team performance, etc. Sounds mundane and of course as an experienced manager you already know all of that. I can only say: there is much more to it if you have the right support.

Andrea and Julia are characterized by high competence paired with experience and distinct personality. No consultant talk, but tangible leadership to lead change projects with high perseverance to success. A big thank you from me and a clear recommendation if you are looking for strong partners. But have in mind, you have to be able to stand them.«

Robin Colmen, SVP Corporate Development & Investor Relations, Software AG

»Andrea is wonderful to work with. She has an exceptional depth of expertise in culture and transformation as well as in coaching senior executives in leading such change. This is something I experienced firsthand when working with Andrea as we embarked on our own cultural transformation journey at Software AG. Andrea has my highest recommendation for anybody undertaking large change agendas.«

Jumana Klotsch, Head of Transformation, EOS Solution GmbH

»I know Andrea and Julia both very well both from my role as a change consultant at RWE/innogy and as a client in my role as Head of Cultural Transformation at EOS.

I can wholeheartedly recommend working with both of them to anyone. They have deep expertise in complex, organizational change and leadership development. They dare to put their finger in the wound and challenge the status quo. Furthermore, they are both fun to work with and bring innovative ideas into every project. At EOS, we created a development experience for project teams together which put strategic projects back on track and generated real impact for our business.

If you are looking for consultants and coaches who really add value and make a difference, then tridot Consulting is the right choice for you.«

Dr. Elke Frank, CHRO, Software AG

»At Software AG I have embarked on a journey to transform the business into a people-first culture within a collaborative as well as global environment driven by a strong growth mindset. This however cannot be done alone. We needed to get an expert on board to take a closer look. Thanks to Andrea`s expertise in culture and transformation we were able to connect the WHAT with the HOW and thereby created the WHY. Together with Andrea we connected the dots bringing our strategic and cultural transformation closer together. It has become our Ying and Yang.«

Jenny Zeller, Leiterin DB Akademie, Deutsche Bahn

»Die Zusammenarbeit mit Andrea war eine Bereicherung und sehr inspirierend. Mit ihrer Stärke als People Development & Culture Expertin hat sie uns immer wieder gekonnt aus unseren eingefahrenen Mustern heraus geholt. Wir haben zahlreiche Themen gemeinsam auf den Weg gebracht, die bis heute noch eine Nachwirkung haben. Besonders wertvoll war dabei ihr großer Erfahrungsschatz aus ihrer eigenen Unternehmenserfahrung und den verschiedenen Führungsrollen die sie inne hatte. Die Arbeit mit Andrea ist anregend, wertvoll und vor allem sehr praxisnah. Gerne wieder.«

Bernhard Günther, CFO Fortum

»In unserer Zusammenarbeit habe ich Andrea als eine sehr engagierte, leistungsbereite, kompetente und führungsstarke Kollegin kennengelernt, die in ihrer Führungsrolle maßgeblich zum Erfolg unseres Change-Programms beigetragen hat. Andrea verfügt über umfangreiche und tiefe Kenntnisse, Erfahrungen und Fertigkeiten im weiten Feld von Veränderungsprozessen von der individuellen Ebene über Teams bis hin zur Gesamtorganisation. Ich würde Andrea jederzeit wieder für solche erfolgskritischen Veränderungsaufgaben einsetzen und würde mich sehr freuen, wenn ich mit ihr zukünftig noch einmal zusammenarbeiten könnte.«

Stefan Stroh, CDO DB Konzern

»Andrea hat uns in den vergangenen Jahren bei unserer digitalen Transformation in vielerlei Hinsicht  unterstützt und weitergebracht. Ihre strategische Konzernerfahrung als Führungskraft gepaart mit ihrer Erfahrung in der Beratung macht sie zu einer Partnerin auf Augenhöhe. Sie ist immer an den relevanten Themen dran und lässt nicht locker Strategie mit People & Culture Themen zu verknüpfen. Dabei legt sie auch mal den Finger in die Wunde und hilft eingefahrene Denkmuster und Verhaltensweisen zu durchbrechen. Und last but not least: Es macht einfach Freude mit Ihr zu arbeiten!«

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