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Does your company need to transform? Is a cultural change required to implement your strategy? Got stuck in the transformation? You are in a merger & acquisition process?

We get you moving with innovative impulses! Together we review your current situation, your origin, the goal and possible obstacles. We are professional companions with many years of experience in the business as leaders and consultants.
We accompany your organization through the complexity of your transformation in a goal-oriented manner and at eye level – to enable a sustainable and lasting transformation.

tridot combines strategy and leadership, people and culture with change, the WHAT and HOW with the WHY.

You want to:
  • Implement your strategy and thereby create new working cultures?
  • Develop a change architecture that gets your transformation project and your organization moving?
  • Redesign your leadership: Establish a leadership culture that fits your purpose, your values ​​and your strategy?
  • Create new working environments and prepare your leaders, teams and employees for the future?
  • Establish a common, organization-wide change language as a prerequisite for the successful transformation process?
  • Understand the culture risk when merging your company or areas in your organization?

Andrea Kahlenberg and Julia Klotz, Shareholders and Managing Directors, and networkpartners

We analyze where it makes sense to adapt your structures and decision-making processes or to leave them as they are.

From our analysis we derive: Which priorities are to be set for cultural change and which mitigation concepts are necessary to promote cultural change, minimize risks and establish a high level of leadership responsibility.

We also derive: Where conventional working methods continue to make sense in your organization in order to maintain stability. And where agile concepts accelerate your business and enable your employees to take on more personal responsibility and innovative power.


We want to support you to drive your future.
More diverse, innovative, courageous.
You, Your Team, Your Organization!