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Why we do what we do, what drives and inspires us.

The VUCA world (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity) in which we live has become a challenge, for everyone who loves planning and control, but also for those who like to embark on innovation processes.
Because nothing is certain anymore, we know that latest since Covid-19.

We would like to accompany, advise and coach organizations and their business leaders so that they learn competently and determinedly to deal with uncertainty in a resilient manner. We help you to consciously face the future and your own issues and also look into topics where it may hurt. Knowing about one’s own behavior is the first step in changing into new mentalities and attitudes.

Our overriding goal is therefore to support organizations in times of change and digital progress to remain sustainable. Here we can make our contribution: creating working cultures shaped by courage, sustainability, awareness of decisions and possible consequences and leadership that inspires and attracts talent.

Establish transparency as a culture, create spaces for self-organized work and collaboration cultures. We stand for approaches that not only solve current problems but are also thought from the future. Always keeping in mind that every solution may also create a new challenge.

»The benefits of playing with an infinite mindset are clear and multifaceted. So what happens when we play with a finite mindset in Infinite Game of business?«

Simon Sinek

This is what tridot stands for … what the three points stand for … “not to know what’s coming, only that it will continue” and find a way to deal with it.